Just in Time

Just in time for the time of change…
Time changed.
Is it really possible to make 
substantial change in this 40 days?

it’s hard to tell without beginning –
minds ravage with debates about 
the brain patterning necessary
for substantial change
like the dull buzz of the 24 hour news cycle
with Facebook and Google running
in the background
while Alexa finds a meditation app on demand.
Logic attempts to derail Lent.
It won't work - some things don't change.
Experience overrides debate
Lenten change takes time
Deliberate and conscious decisions
to “make the next right choice”
Refusing to be numbed with wisdom 
from the smartphone bluelight
Lent expects us to go in and dig a hole in the soul
So a seed can be planted.
The seed of “faith” gets planted when
We dare to unearth the compacted doubt and
Ask those questions that it’s easier to sedate with solitaire.
The seed of faith is planted in the midst of doubt
Why?  How? Where? Who?
God is bigger than our questions and creates Spring
resurrection out of seeds planted in mud
nourished with time.
The first week of Lent.
Time to dig deep in the earth of the inner landscape
and to be willing to believe

It’s never too late to begin again

And so, I begin -- Lent change

My gratitude list with my rules:
1.        8 things a day
2.       Written on a piece of paper
3.       No repeats
Gratitude and despair won't live together...
It’s never too late to begin again,

Although there is a “drill Sargent” that lives inside my head

Whose commanding voice would like me to believe that
Lent won’t really change anything.
 I fire him for Lent
I won’t know until I begin.
And the first thing I have to do

of ashes and wednesdays

ash Wednesday sun is setting
and the journey of Lent dawns

we took the palms we held
in the clenched fists of '18 Lent
and waited until they were transformed by fire into ash
of changing things

palms into ash
our palms from clenched fists into open hands
ready to welcome the season of Lent
'19 small steps, with a few stories -
and a dash of spice along the way
we join together 

ash Wednesday sun is setting
and the journey of Lent dawns

to let the sun set on ash Wednesday

thank you for joining me -- from now till then
from ashes to palms
from snow to spring
from what has been to what might be

in this time when so many things need transformation
from palms to ashes and back again.

Let the Lent times roll.

"Great lions can find peace in a cage,
but we should only do that as a last resort...
So, those bars I see
that restrain your wings,
I guess you wouldn't mind if I pry them open."

Welcome to the journey towards freedom 
from that which restrains our wings