Last Day of Advent: Mary

We each have a fingerprint;
a distinctive mark of presence
a lasting impression of the labyrinth of loving and living
a map of the history we hold and the hope we build

Mary's fingerprint

From a long line of mystery-bearers,
"Women of the Incarnation:
Elizabeth, the mother of John
Anna, the mother of Samuel
the nameless mother of Samson
Eve, the mother of all the living
The Hebrew Scriptures heroines 
who were the types of Mary:
the Queen of Sheeba" 
(from a talk given by Madeleine Sophie Cooney, RSCJ)

They each left their fingerprint on the history of Incarnation.
Each one, 
a story of becoming
a story of listening to the whisper of God
a story of responding, despite the costs
a story of the time of gestation -- 
totally turned to the Mystery within--
a story of the being present while this child of wonder
left their fingerprint on the story --
our story of the world.

This is the day of the fingerprint of Mary--
This is the day of coming to term --
with who we are and 
how we are.
This is the day of letting the
contractions of our lives
lead us to the 
fingerprint that we 
contribute to the story--
our story of the world.

Mary's fingerprint --
to be held in the empty manger of our hearts.

We have arrived in Bethlehem
...this Bethlehem.
The Advent of Now.