Three Days of Advent: Empty Manger

"When they rolled back the stone, 
they found that the tomb was empty" began with an empty manger...

It begins and ends in emptiness. --
and yet, we spend so much time filling the void
instead of seeing the void as the space where 
what matters is born 
and lives in our midst in ways that we could 
have never imagined...
in the breaking of the bread
and the sharing of the cup of life.

It begins and ends in emptiness
and yet, we find ways to escape the void
and numb the pain of not knowing --
not being sure -- not being enough--
instead of seeing the empty tomb and the empty manger --
in the forgiveness;
in the not reciting the hurts of the past
or the absence of presence in presents--
in the invisibility of wanting to escape
and the desire to compare instead of compassion--
in the illusion that the present measures
instead of the presence

It begins and ends in emptiness
or is it fullness?
the fullness of a heart on fire
the manger ready to hold the one whose spark
ignites something that we can't find on social media
the manger of our lives, the one built in our hearts
with the steady plywood of daily living in love
and pounded together to hold something new.
for in the empty manger of our hearts
will arrive the promise of God.

The manger is empty 
and so is the tomb.

Something new is about to rise up
To arrive
in our Bethlehem hearts...
if there is room

The empty manger

Is there room?