Fourth Week of Advent around the Wreath

Fourth Sunday of Advent -- Around our Wreath

Light one candle for Hope
Hope for those who gather with us
Hope for those without hope
Hope for those alone
Hope for those who battle illness 
of body, mind or spirit
Hope for ourselves that our faith 
might be greater than our fear
Light one candle for Peace
Peace in our hearts
Peace in our homes
Peace in our cities
Peace in our church
Peace in our world
Light one candle for Joy
Joy-hearts open to receive
Joy-hands ready to share 
Joy-bearers ready to be the stained glass
window through whom the Grace-light shines
Joy-holders that we might see the darkness
in another and hold the candle towards the light
Joy-watchers as we await
"God With Us"
Light one candle for Love

In this week of Love
Let us be
good news for those 
in need of 
love in-deed
right action
justice for those forgotten
family for those alone
hope for those who despair
food for those who hunger
in body
Let us be 
And light the 
candle of 
for all God's people

Let us light a candle
for peace
and be the peace
in the lives of others
Let us light a candle
for hope
and bear the hope
in a world yearning
Let us light a candle
for joy
that we might bring

Let us light a candle
for love
that we might
be those 
about whom others say,
"See how they
love one another"
That we will be a 
beacon of light
for others to follow

Bless us, O Lord
and these Thy Advent gifts
which we are about to receive
Amen.  So Be It!