Seven Days of Advent: The Oxen

It is the law of the prairie homesteader
the lessons learned by our family of the land
from the plains of South Dakota and Nebraska
to the rolling orchard of Oregon

the land was never worked alone
"take my yoke upon your shoulders"
the yoke that broke the land 
always had room for two...
the oxen shared the load
broke the land
carried the burden 
and never held the yoke alone
from then...
until now
we learn the lessons of the journey
into the Advent of Now.

I am the oxen.
the yoke has room for two
sharing the load
the impossible becomes possible
Grace enters
and the work becomes lighter
the load becomes bear-able
the journey is shortened
I am the oxen

I am the oxen
who was not summoned
to the stable by angelic tone
but to give witness to
the power of travelling together:
to be and act as one
sharing both the load and the harvest
as we discover new frontiers
on our way
to the stable ahead of us.
I am the oxen.

I am the oxen
I am here on the road
to the stable 
to remind you
not to walk alone.
For this is
the road where the new
the road where the old
Walk together
to the stable
Share the load of love
to the stable.
Expect the Miracle.

It's just a matter of love
and love that matters.

I will meet you 
in the stable of love.

I am the oxen.